Friday, November 2, 2007

Top Five favourite halloween candies

My top five halloween treats are: Coffee Crisp, Mars bar, mnms, skittles,Maple leaf delight, Rockets.
In all the Chocolate the one that i like mostly is the Coffee Crisp i jst like the way it taste,
And my favourite Candy is skittles. Maple leaf delight is some chocolate made in shape, they shape it like a maple leaf. I like skittles cause there is a lot of them in a one pack so i get to have more than jst buying a one candy.
i didn't do any trick or treating this year tho.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Thanks giving

What i am thankfull for?

First i'm thankfull for being here and im alive.
I'm always thankful because one you never know you might wake up
one day and get involved in something that you were not prepaired at like an accident.
Mostly on Thanksgiving we celebrate as a family together and they prepare nice dinner
and we all enjoy it.

Friday, September 14, 2007

second week of school

Today is friday september 13 2007
My second week of school is goin alright even though i haven't finish it till 3 today.
Im doing good in all my classes, trying to finish all my work at school on my spare time so that i wont have to worry about doin hw at home.
Hope it keeps going like that.
so wut bout your first week of school how was it?

Friday, September 7, 2007

My first week of school

my first week of school is going alright so far, even though I'm still having a problem waking up in the morning. On my schedule it showed that i have an early class that making me wake up so early I'm sure that as the school days goes on i will get use to waking up on time so that i wouldn't be late all the time. For all the other classes everything has been good i have a study time everyday and i love that because i get time to seat in the library and read a book or finish up the other school work that i didn't get much time to finish. the worse class that i think i may have a problem with might be the math class because I'm not really good with math so, another that i think will be a little harder will be the biology class the teacher told us that we are going to dissect pigs that what i think will be a little hard to do. and in this class so far im having a good time, with how to develop a web site.
jst hopes that everything goes well in all the classes.